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The craftsmanship of turning raw lumber into works of art and practical furniture pieces has been appreciated for centuries.  Skillfully combining different sizes and shapes of wood to create a form that can store objects, display objects, house mechanical apparatus, act as an eating platform, provide a place to sit or fire the imagination with its beauty is valued by those who appreciate the warm, organic feel of a piece that shows off the grain of wood to its greatest advantage. 

Even though the terms Woodworking and Carpentry are often used interchangeably, they are not exactly the same.  Carpentry is generally considered an occupation and often implies utilizing ones skill with wood to create buildings, frameworks and cabinetry to be installed in buildings.  Woodworking, while it can be an occupation, includes the hobbyist who loves to work with wood and create wooden objects including freestanding items such as a child’s rocking horse, to personal home improvement projects such as replacing cabinetry in the kitchen or bath. 

Whether you are a brand new beginner or a seasoned craftsman, Woodworking Carpentry strives to provide information that can help you with your projects. 

Regardless of your skill level, to avoid frustration with a project, planning is essential.  Here is a quick checklist before you start your project:  (Click here if you would like to print the checklist)

1.    Have you clearly defined what you want to do?

2.    If your project is to fit into existing space, have you taken accurate measurements?

3.    Do you have complete plans/instructions for your project?

4.    Do you have all the materials you will need to complete your project?

5.    Do you have all the tools you will need to complete your project?

6.    If permits are required, have you secured the proper permits?

(In general, any woodworking/carpentry project that is not attached to a building does not require a permit.  Anything that does attach to a building and will become a part of that building and remain with the building when it is sold probably requires permitting if the building is  within an incorporated area.)

When you have all six items checked off of your checklist, you are ready to start your project. 

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